Place Of Blessings


We Highly Recommend The Work You Do.

When my house was burned down January of 2015 by mistake from my child who was playing with a match, it was Place of Blessings that responded first with both financial and physical support and helped motivate other philanthropist in my community who made it possible for my family and I to have roof over our heads and a better one for that matter. Many thanks to Place of Blessings and their actions truly represents their name because through them, we were blessed and stable today.

Chinedu Nwaoka & Dioka Nzerem

Thank You

Each Christmas season, we the Ochina-Ogwara Women continues to feel as worthy as others in the community because of the generosity of Place of Blessings that provides us with enough bags of food items such as rice, can foods, soft drinks and other cooking ingredients and utensils making it possible to put smile on our faces and more also onto our children and relations in general. May God continue to bless Place of Blessings for the work they do to help alleviate our pain and sufferings in a special way. – Mrs. Mary Anyanwu, Chairlady- Ochina-Ogwara Women of Umuobodo in Dioka-Nzerem of Imo State of Nigeria.

Mrs. Mary Anyanwu, Chairlady- Ochina-Ogwara Women of Umuobodo
Dioka-Nzerem of Imo State of Nigeria

Hope for the hopeless

My many thanks to Place of Blessings for their general support and open arms of physical, financial and emotional supports given to us for the past two years. Place of Blessings took us and as their personal responsibility which in a way not readily found in most non-profit organizations. Thank you so much for the work you do towards changing lives.

Mrs. Rita Nwanze and family,
Austell, GA- USA.

Keep the good work!

Place of Blessings is an epitome of blessing to humanity. Their work has brought joy to many families and to me in particular. They are there when you need them for support. The organization has helped increased youth awareness of the dangers of exhibiting disruptive behaviors including disobedience, talking back, disrespect, substance abuse, poor associations and poor decision making. Truly, when you go to Place of Blessings, you are assured of blessings. Keep up the good work!

Captain James Johnson
Marietta, GA.